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Let's Give Our Sleep the Respect It Deserves

We’ve been made to think life is all about working hard. 

Pushing ourselves, and getting ahead. 

But, ahead of what?

If you’re lucky enough to have your basic needs met, to be comfortable, 

Shouldn’t we enjoy that comfort?

By all means, be ambitious. Strive to make the world better. 

We need your generous contributions. 

And we all need to work and make a living. 

But we also need to rest. 

Maybe we don’t need more productivity hacks. 

We don’t need more hours in a day. 

We don’t need energy potions to try to revive our sleepy, saggy bodies. 

We need to let our bodies rest. 

Let them recover, and heal. 

We need to respect our sleep as much as our work. 

The daily grind is grinding us away. 

Let’s reclaim our rest. 

Sleep is the wonder drug we’ve been looking for. 

It repairs the body. It literally cleans the brain. 

It creates space in the mind. For fresh thinking, for creativity. 

The best version of you is a few good nights’ sleep away. 

We can’t keep pushing all the time. 

Maybe tonight, take sleep more seriously than you have before. 

Turn down the lights early. Turn off the TV. Put down the phone. 

Slip into something soothing, calming. 


Give your body the rest it needs. 

You’ll thank yourself in the morning. 

Daryl Weber
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