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At Bedfellow, we believe it’s time we started giving sleep the respect it deserves. 

We shouldn’t be pushing ourselves harder. We shouldn’t be proud of how busy we are. 

We should be taking our time to rest, recover, and heal. 

We should treasure those moments when we can just relax, let the mind wander, and drift off into dreamland. 

That’s why we make sustainable clothes and accessories that are designed to give you the best sleep possible -- because we believe people shouldn’t be sleeping in ratty boxers, gym shorts, and old t-shirts. Forget the thick flannels and old-fashioned button down pajama suits.


We believe sleeping clothes should be designed for sleep.

We also believe everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. That’s why a percentage of every purchase of Bedfellow goes to providing shelter and a bed for people experiencing homelessness in our hometown of New York City through our partnership with Project Renewal.


We’re on a mission to help the world sleep better. 

Let’s start with tonight. 


Sleep well,


Come dream with us.

Play, explore
and share.