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Does the Man in Your Life Need
a Massive Sleep Upgrade?

Here’s 6 ways to help him sleep better so he (and you!) can live better.

There’s nothing worse than a bad night’s sleep… except maybe sharing a bed with someone who
tosses, turns and sweats until all hours of the morning. Whether it’s holey boxers, shabby old gym
shorts, or PJ’s that are so old you can see through them… his seriously unattractive sleepwear may even
be standing in the way of the deep sleep everyone is craving. Switching that up, and cutting out some
other habits can change both your sleep games for good!

So whether it’s your partner who needs some serious intervention in the sleep department,
OR you’re just looking for a gift to help your dad, son or brother sleep better (for the sake of their
sanity and possibly their partner’s)… We’ve put together the ultimate list of strategies and gift ideas for
achieving a deep, restorative sleep:

Help him create a sleep
routine to wind down
and relax before bed

Our bodies are simple, and they love a good routine. Sometimes
flicking the relaxation switch in our brain is as simple as putting
devices down at least 30 minutes before you plan to sleep and use
that time to unwind instead (have a chat, read a book, listen to some
music, or come up with something else that helps you relax). Other
times it’s as simple as taking off our tired work clothes, and slipping
into something more comfortable. He’d be crazy not to opt for soft and
breathable sleepwear over that stuffy work shirt. These are all great
ways to let your brain know that it’s time for bed.

All Bedfellow sleepwear is made from extraordinarily soft and
innovative fabrics (that makes his old polyester t-shirt feel like
sandpaper!) which is the perfect way to relax before bed. Once he tries
Bedfellows, he’s not going back.
More comfort = more relaxation = more sleep. It’s science (kinda).

Get the temperature
juuuuuust right,
all night long.

It’s the age-old struggle: you want to bundle up in blankets for
a warm and cosy night’s sleep, and he wants to channel what
it’s like to sleep outside in the snow. But like most men that
run hot when they sleep, he may not be entirely to blame.
Cheap and worn-out materials can actually encourage
excessive sweating, which makes for a terrible night’s sleep!
When it comes to deep sleep, consistent temperature is key
so it’s important to choose the right sleepwear.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your partner, dad, brother or son, then look for some
comfortable, light and breathable sleepwear to help make regulating his temperature a lot
easier. Even better, try some of ours. The unique moisture-wicking material in our signature
Sleep Henley and sleep pants are designed to keep him feeling fresh and free from sweat
all night long. The year-round comfort is perfect for regulating his temperature in both
warm and cool weather. And for especially cold nights, a cozy pair of sleep socks can also
help to keep him snug. Our merino wool Sleep Socks have been designed specifically for
bed, so they’re plush, breathable, and won’t restrict circulation like regular socks.


Turn on the heat with sexy new sleepwear
(for partner’s only, obviously…)

Okay, this may sound like a contradiction to the last point, but we’re not talking about temperature anymore…
we’re talking about a different type of heat. Let’s be real, there’s nothing sexy about those holey gym shorts and worn-out t-shirts.
Some stylish, sexy new threads can boost his confidence, and make bedtime exciting again! Our Bedfellow range isn’t pajamas…
it’s sleepwear - designed for comfort, practicality AND style. The perfect gift to crank the heat at bedtime!


Switch up your screen
time before bed

It can be nice sometimes to relax before bed with a good show, or
catch up on what’s been happening on social media. The men in your
life might like unwinding with a game, reading the news or simply
getting sucked into the digital vortex spending hours in front of a
screen. But unfortunately, the blue light that comes from your
devices can play nasty tricks on your brain and contribute to a bad
night’s sleep.

While cutting back on screen time is the best way to counteract this,
Blue Light Blocking Glasses can also make a huge difference. By
helping your eyes rest and relax before you climb under the covers,
you can help his brain switch off and fall asleep faster.

Block out the lights for
disturbance-free rest

Light negatively affects sleep quality, so it’s best to cultivate a sleep
environment where there’s as little of it as possible. Unless you buy
blackout curtains and put tape over all the blinking lights from your
electronics, the easiest and most effective way to block out the light is
by using a sleep mask.

Unfortunately, many masks don’t provide a complete blackout effect
due to light leakage around the nose. Annoying huh? That’s why we
created The Bedfellow Ultimate Sleep Mask which uses memory foam
cups to mold perfectly to his face and stop all light leakage, giving him
the best sleep possible, no matter what time of day or night.

Set him up for a
disruption, and
irritation-free sleep

Being constantly disrupted during the night makes it almost impossible
to get enough of that deep, restorative sleep! The kind of sleep that boosts
energy, elevates mood, and reduces stress. Nothing disrupts sleep quite
like uncomfortable clothes that ride up and get twisted as he moves.

Our Bedfellow Sleep Henley and Sleep Pants are designed with this in
mind, using materials specially selected for comfort. With just the right
stretch, this sleepwear will move with his body, not against it! Our
sleepwear also comes without itchy tags and irritating seams.
The perfect gift to keep the man in your life comfortable all night long!

Surprise Him With Ultra Soft and
Stylish Sleepwear That’s Designed for
the Comfiest Sleep of His Life…

…Introducing the Ultimate Bedfellow Sleep Bundle for Men
Give him the gift of a luxury sleep experience this holiday season.
Designed specifically to take his sleep quality to the next level, he’ll be thanking you in the morning.

The ingredients for a good night’s sleep are right here: sleek, breathable sleepwear, cozy sleep socks, and a complete blackout sleep mask. We’ve got you covered

The ultimate Bedfellow bundle includes:

  • The Sleep Henley (value $68): Keep him cozy, comfy, and
    looking good in our breathable Sleep Henley.
  • The Sleep Pants (value $78):He’ll love our effortlessly stylish
    Sleep Pants that are soft, breathable, and cuffed to stay in place
    at night.
  • The Sleep Socks (value $18): Give him a snug sleep with
    luxurious yet breathable merino wool Sleep Socks that won’t
    restrict circulation in bed.
  • The Sleep Mask (value $28): Let him sleep-in with our
    complete blackout Sleep Mask that uses memory foam cups to
    eliminate light leaks and eye pressure

Available for $149 for a limited time only (usually $190).

I Want to Save $41 on the Bedfellow Sleep Bundle

Find out What Men Are Saying
About Bedfellow Sleepwear

“The First and Only Shirt I’ve Ever Enjoyed Sleeping in”

The first and only shirt I’ve ever
enjoyed sleeping in

I always found sleeping in a shirt made
me too hot, but somehow Bedfellows
has pulled of the miracle of a soft,
comfortable shirt that actually cools me
down. It looks great and is super soft - I
actually keep this and my sleep shorts
on most of the day (yay work from
home!). Great product, highly highly

Dan B.

Sleep Henley

I usually sleep in old t-shirts, but the
sleep henley is a big upgrade. Super soft
and stretchy. I got the long sleeve
version but I think I’m also going to get
a short sleeve version (or maybe even
the sleeveless version) as well, depending
on how much I want to crank the AC
that night :)

Mr W.

Supremely comfortable

I have been surprised by how
comfortable the sleep shirt is, and it
is nice in the morning to roll out of
bed dressed for my morning routine

Brian O.