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The Blackout Sleep Mask

This is no ordinary sleep mask. Serious sleep optimizers choose our Blackout Sleep Mask where ‘blackout’ isn’t just a buzz word. 

We reinvented the traditional sleep mask, removing discomfort while blocking more light than ever…

Instead of just relying on the typical materials and elastic, this 3D mask incorporates memory foam technology. 

The memory foam eye cups quickly mold around your eyes to create a comfortable, leak-free seal. Just imagine - total blackout, no annoying leaks to aggravate your sleep, no matter where you are. 

And unlike standard masks, there is no pressure on your eyes for a vastly more comfortable experience. And our new upgraded v2 mask features C-shaped eye cups that get thinner on the sides, so you can comfortably sleep on your side

And we engineered the rest of the mask to be luxuriously soft and stretchy. 

You know that complete darkness is the key to more time in deep sleep. It's key to recovery and feeling fresh and ready for the day. 

Get the ultimate sleep mask; perfect for bedrooms with no blackout curtains, hotels, or even on airplanes. 


Key Features:

- 3D, 100% blackout memory foam eye cups offer ultimate leak-free seal and comfort

- New C-shaped eye cups gets thinner on the sides - perfect for side sleepers

- No pressure on your eyes

- Luxuriously soft and comfortable, and fully adjustable for the perfect fit. 

- Eyelash friendly!


Free Delivery on All Orders 

Love it or return it with 30 Day Returns. 

A percentage of proceeds from this order go to Project Renewal; helping homeless in NYC find a bed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Bryant Massingale

It was so uncomfortable i could barely sleep on it

Eric Post

Great for sleeping on the plane or road very comfortable

Janie Jan
Not Made for Women

Bought it for my husband but he already got himself one. I tried to use it and it didn’t work for me at all. I think it’s odd to have a sleeping product that is design with only one gender in mind. It quiet actually was not created with keeping a smaller sized face in mind. Not a kids face, just an average grown woman’s face.
Perhaps it’s just a bit too bulky, but the site did say it was a men’s sleeping mask on the site page though. Guess I should have believed it.

Great product but not for me

I've been sleeping with the straight forward $12 masks that are thin and fit flush to the face (+/-). I get a new one every so often and wanted to try something different. The Bedfellow sleep mask is made well but I found it too bulky for the way that I sleep. I'm a side sleeper and so the eye cups, which are wonderful, protrude out enough that it becomes uncomfortable over time and I wake up. If I slept on my back this mask would be great although the strap is a tad on the thick side. If you have a lot of hair it would probably help to cushion it but my hair is short and I can feel it there. I like that you can adjust the eye cups to fit your face and the overall design is a step in the right direction but I will likely only use this when I fly or travel.

Larry Williams

Worth it !!!

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